improve sleeping

CBD ingredients are particularly effective in relieving emotions and relaxing nerves. The formula is carefully added with medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT Oil) and soothing natural peppermint extract (Peppermint), which can greatly enhance the emotional relaxation effect on the body , Allows you to enter deep sleep faster, and maintain a more stable period.

Relieve inflammation and pain

Whether it is daily pain or chronic pain caused by old diseases, CBD essence oil derived from the natural extract of hemp plant (Hemp) can bring soothing effects to your pain. In addition to its anti-inflammatory effect, CBD essence Reduce fever or surrounding swelling, the effect is immediate and powerful, so it is loved by many world-class athletes.

Helps increase muscle mass and reduce muscle loss

When the body and mind are in balance, the pressure of muscle metabolism will decrease, which helps the body maintain the most suitable state for muscle gain and fat loss. In addition, by relaxing the nerves, it can also help you achieve the highest level of sports performance!

WADA announced in 2018 that CBD will be deleted from its list of prohibited substances. The original plan for the 2020 Olympic Games and the current major international sports organizations, its participating athletes can legally use CBD.

Decompression, adjust the balance of mind and body freely

Need to relax? In addition to helping you eliminate stress, CBD ingredients can also help control anxiety and make you feel at ease in your body and mind.

Most users will experience a pleasant sensation of "slightly drowsy" after use, and the mood will be lighter, which will keep you in a comfortable mood, and at the same time, your thoughts will be clearer and more focused.