SmartCBD is based in Hong Kong. It is currently one of the largest CBD specialty stores in Asia, and it is also the first brand in Hong Kong that is a CBD multi-store retail chain. Available products come from over 20 well-known brands in categories ranging from CBD Infused beverages, CBD oral oils, to CBD gummies, skin care, and pet products.

Our operating team has more than ten years of retail experience in health supplements and has a deep understanding of the health needs of Hong Kong people. Expert members also include Biochemistry experts from local universities in Hong Kong to ensure that the products all meet food safety and are harmless to humans, and strictly abide to relevant laws and compliance regulations.

We source top CBD brands from many countries in Europe, America and Hong Kong, formally import them, and act as agents to ensure that the source is correct, the ingredient labels are transparent and the effects authentic, making us the most reliable CBD retailer in Hong Kong and other Asian regions.

SmartCBD's website and online store are full of useful information. It has an efficient logistics system that ships orders every day, and provides multiple customer service communication channels that are online almost 24 hours a day. We are currently also the only multi-store CBD retailer in Hong Kong that fully connects online and offline between our Ecommerce platform and our three retail stores. The website displays live inventory status of each store in real time, and also provides "click and collect" service at all our physical retail locations.